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Welcome to Holy Name Hockey

Holy Name Youth Hockey provides an environment where all players have the opportunity to develop a long-term passion and appreciation for ice hockey through individual skill development, teamwork, competitive play and camaraderie.

While games are great fun, practice and core-hockey skill development are the keys to a hockey player's improvement and advancement in the game. Priority will be placed on improving our players' skills through multiple touches, effort and proper technique. We hope to accomplish this by emphasizing good coaching at every level, running efficient and fast-moving practices, and focusing on individual-skill development. Again, we want what is best for your children during the season, and this usually happens when they are appropriately challenged but also given frequent opportunities for on-ice success. 
“The highest priority is to plan a practice so exciting and constructive that players can’t wait for the next practice." --Jack Blatherwick
2017 Holy Name Golf Tournament


by posted 09/12/2017
September Association Meeting

Our association meeting this month is scheduled for Tuesday September 12th at 7pm. The meeting will be held upstairs on the second floor of the Olympia.

by posted 09/10/2017
Calling all Time Keepers

 Ed Dwyer will be conducting Time Keeper Training on Monday Sept 11th at 5:50 pm and Wednesday Sept 13th at 6:40 pm. Please meet in lobby at the Olympia. 

Minimum age for being a timekeeper is 13yrs old
Also , Paul Gerome will also be in attendance to discuss penalties and proper recording of events on the gamesheet. All potential time keepers are encouraged to attend.

by posted 08/30/2017
USA Hockey's ADM Model

The ADM is USA Hockey’s nationwide player-development program for youth hockey associations. It’s based on age-appropriate, age-specific competition and training for boys and girls, beginning with their first steps onto the ice and carrying them through age 18 and beyond. The ADM places a heightened emphasis on skill development and long-term athlete development principles, providing a blueprint for the best possible youth hockey experience. Put simply, it’s doing what’s best for kids. 

Please visit http://www.admkids.com/ to continue to learn more about this new player-development program

by posted 08/29/2017
From Child's View, Parents Find Full-Ice Hockey No Fun

by posted 08/29/2017
HNH Lady Stars on MassLive

Please visit this link on MassLive for a great article on our Lady Stars and Coach Steve Moore


by posted 03/27/2017

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